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Most of us would love to create our own schedule as to when we work and we do for work!!! Work at Home Choices allows you to do just that. We offer a variety of work at home opportunities for anyone looking to earn extra income or full employment!

Work At Home Opportunities For  Are…

Web Workers Wanted  Earn up To $50 Per Hour. Apply Now & Get A $5 Sign Up Bonus! No Fees!

Work At Home No Scams Get paid $200-$2500 a month. No fees! No Hype!!

Email Readers Wanted Get Paid to read email. No Fees. Sign Up

Work at Home Moms Needed Get Paid to Work From Home Extra Income! No Scams

Survey Takers Wanted Get Paid for your opinion. Take Simple Surveys


Work From Home Moms! A dedicated company is looking for individuals who want to increase their income by taking surveys at home. You can also make money reading emails, trying products, and playing games. Plus you earn $5.00 just for signing up. You can get ALL the information you need completely FREE.

Wanted: Survey Takers- No Fees Work from home with companies who want to pay for your opinion. You can win up to $5000 dollars just for joining. These companies want your feedback and they want to reward you for taking time out to test products or to take online surveys. This is probably one of the easier work from home opportunities. The best thing there are no fees involved!!

Work At Home United Moms Join an ELITE team of Moms who can help you create balance in your life…Personal, Family and Financial!!  This is an opportunity to have your own business and write your own check, where you give yourself raises!

Email Readers Needed! Email readers are needed to read emails based on the interest that the reader selects. You will be paid per email and receive a check at the end of the month. You will also be paid for the emails your friends, family or others you refer read if you decide to do so but it is not required to recruit others.

Swagbucks Swagbucks is a great new opportunity to earn money and win prizes just for using the Swagbucks search engine. They actually pay you to use thier search engine. You earn virtual dollars called “swagbucks” for searching, taking polls, doing surveys, etc whcih can convert into gift cards or discounts.. Always search using the search engine. The more you search the more you can earn! Best part of it all it is absolutely FREE! You can not lose! Sign up Now and Get you swagbucks on!

Global Test Market Sign up with Global Test Market now to receive cash for online surveys and help make a difference. Global Test Market is a community of people across the world who complete online surveys for the largest market research firms. Surfers sign up to be paid to fill out surveys from a globally recognized and trusted brand.

Get Paid to Take Surveys- Top Rated Surveys!!!!!

Ispos-Moms Needed for Real Opinons

Opinion Outpost -Give your opinion and earn cash

Global Survey Group- Get paid and win Prizes for your Opinion

Inbox Dollars-Real people making Real money. No scams!

I-Say Voice Your Opinion Real Cash and Rewards

Survey Adventure-Get Paid for Your Opinion

Inbox Dollars -Research for Money and Prizes

Global Test Market- Take Online Paid Surveys and win cash and points

Fusion Cash-Get Paid To Take Free Online Surveys.      

Swagbucks- Earn Swagbucks, gift cards and prizes!


Latest Updates

Is InboxDollars a Scam?

November 14th, 2015

Inbox dollars scam or legitI used to do focus groups from time to time for marketing research companies and get paid for my opinion once the session was over. The problem with focus groups is that you don’t always qualify for them or you might not be able to travel to the locations where they are being conducted for various reasons. So when I joined Inbox Dollars it was a cool way for me to wake a little extra cash in the comfort of my own home.

What Is Inbox Dollars?

Inbox has been around since 2000 and has been able to thrive in this fickle market. Which is pretty cool for someone like you , when researching companies to make money with. They are a BBB A+ accredited business with a positive rating, which can give you some peace of mind when looking for the right opportunity. Check out the their review here!! The idea of reading email, taking surveys, or playing games  and getting paid is great way to earn extra money and have a little cushion for your self. You can even get paid for referring friends. . I been with Inbox Dollars for several years and I have consistently made money with them. Now is it enough to pay your mortgage and send your kids to college? No!! But my motto is “Every little bit counts!!”

How do you make money with Inbox Dollars?

There are a few ways of making money with Inbox Dollars:

  1. Taking  SurveysInbox Dollars will send you surveys each day a well as post surveys on there website to complete. You can earn up to $10.00 dollars each survey. After you reach the threshold payment of $30.00 you will be able to request payment.
  2. Reading  emails – Once you join Inbox Dollars, they will send you emails on different products or services to try. Each email will have a link at the bottom of the page for you to accept. Click on the link and start earning cash.
  3. Playing games– You can choose from multiple games Inbox Dollars offers. You just have to create a free Cash games account and receive an instant $10.00 dollars in your account. Compete against other players or yourself and get paid.
  4. Shopping Online– Shop at your favorite retailers and earn cash back. Inbox Dollars is affiliated with big names such as Old Navy, Target, Wal-mart, etc. They also send you coupon codes to save even more.
  5. Watching Videos– You can watch videos on Inbox Dollars website and once you completed watching all required videos, you can earn cash!

In order to cash out with Inbox Dollars, you must meet the threshold requirement of $30.00 to request a payment. Now lets be clear it might be a couple of cents, but it adds up. As long as you manage your expectations and aren’t prepared to quit your job. I think you can do relatively well. Now what a smart person like myself would do is sign up for multiple programs, similar to this  and that’s when you see the difference in the money you are making.

How do you Join Inbox Dollars?

It’s free to sign up, plus you actually get a $5.00 bonus deposited into your account  for signing up. Inbox Dollars will ask you for personal information when signing up, in order to send you appropriate surveys.

Complaints against Inbox Dollars

Like any  other company there are always issues or complaints some users have experienced.                                      Here is a list of what some users have experienced with Inbox Dollars:

  • Takes along time to earn money to cash out” – this is dependent on how many activities you are involved with Inbox Dollars. The more you are doing, the better the opportunity to generate cash.
  • Not paid enough for videos or surveys watched“-  Some find the amount you earn to watch a video is a waste of time. The more you watch the more you earn, but amounts earned are considered to be low.
  • Surveys are not as frequent after time“- Inbox will send you surveys, but some have complained they fall off on the frequency over time.
  • Inbox Dollars does not use Paypal.“- This can be annoying, since Paypal is so convenient for most of us to use to send and collect money.

So Inbox Dollars is not complaint-free, but hey what company isn’t. The best thing about this, is you don’t have to lose any money in the process of finding out if it is a fit for you! I say check it out and if it works great, if it doesn’t on to  the next one!

Is Inbox Dollars a scam?

Based on my experience , Inbox Dollars is not a scam. Some reviews might consider them a scam because they are not making a ton of money. If you do join, I would suggest setting up a separate email, so you can easily manage emails you receive. However the key is have multiple opportunities like this to really see a difference. So I would recommend Inbox Dollars and start making  extra money reading emails or taking surveys, which is pretty easy for anyone to start doing!

However, if you are looking for different opportunities that will be more lucrative for you and a company that has a great track record for earning review, I suggest you partner with Wealthy Affiliate. I am a current member of the Wealth Affiliate community and they offer amazing opportunities and support for their members.

Is Swagbucks Legit or a Scam?

April 17th, 2012


Swagbucks is a site that allows you to earn money, prizes, and "swagbucks" just by searching the internet, taking surveys, and referring friends etc. Have you ever heard of Google? If you haven't you should stop reading now. But I am sure all of you have. Well like Google, Swagbucks is a search engine, that wait for it, lets you earn money, prizes, and swagbucks which can convert to money or gift cards for using their search engine. Most of us are online at some point through out the day. Why not get get paid or receive a prize for doing so? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to me. Ok so lets break Swagbucks down:

How do you earn with Swagbucks?

  1. Type the website into your web browser and get comparable search results as Google and Yahoo.
  2. When you use the search engine you will periodically win Swagbucks for searching (they can range from as little as 5 Swagbucks to as much as 1000. I suggest searching each day or multipe times a day until you receive your hard earned Swagbucks. These Swagbucks can translate into cash from paypal, gift cards to your favorite companies, or prizes…
  3. Take surveys, watch videos, try products and  participate in games to receive Swagbucks.
  4. Swagbucks will also allow you to earn Swagbucks for your friends that you refer (1st tier). There is a 1000 swagbucks referral limit for each person you referral. If you have enough referrals under your belt, you can let them collect your Swagbucks for you!!!
  5. Swagbucks let's you trade in old video games, cell phones, and video consoles to earn Swagbucks.
  6. When shopping in the Swagbucks mall with affilated companies, such as Walmart or Best Buy, you can earn double the value of the dollars you spent. Great right? So lets you buy a TV for $300 dollars, you can earn 600 Swagbucks..
  7. Download Swagbucks toolbar and receive 1 Swagbuck per day just from your launching your browser. Pretty easy!

Swagbucks Pros

  1.  Swagbucks is completey free. Your success with thier program is entirely up to you!!!
  2. The Referral program allows you to benefit from someone else's Searching. If you have active Referrals who are "Swagging" alot, you will be able to redeem your Swagbucks in no time. It's like getting paid to brush your teeth in the morning, you gonna do it anyway… If you don't that's another issue I can't address in this article.
  3. Swagbucks makes web surfing fun and entertaining by having hidden swagcodes embedded in their website. Once you find a code you can redeem it for some more Swag points.
  4. You can fill out surveys offered on Swagbucks to earn as little 5 Swagbucks to 500 Swagbucks.
  5. You are web surfing anyway, might as get paid for it!!

Swagbucks Cons

  1.  Swagbucks Referral Program has a cap of 1000 Swagbucks. If your referral has earned 5000 swagbucks for Swagsurfing, you will only earn 1000 Swagbucks. But hey you earned 1000 swagbucks for doing nothing, so it's not a complete lost right?
  2. When you do earn enough Swagbucks to lets say get a gift card or cash through paypal, it is not an instant retrieval. You will wait some time ( a couple of weeks) to receive your hard earned reward, however you will receive it!!!!
  3. Depending on how diligent you are with Swagbucks, it might take sometime to earn enough swagbucks to redeem cash or prizes.


Here it is folks. I think Swagbucks is a great opportunity for anybody to earn some serious rewards by Surfing the web. There is no start up cost for you to join!! In others FREE!!! I know we are usually skeptical when things are free, but I have redeemed my rewards a few times and besides some wait time, I was not disappointed. So try Swagbucks out and let me know how it works for you! Remember invite your friends and family, so you don't have to work so hard…!!!!!!

Is Fusion Cash Legit or a Scam?

December 1st, 2011

Fusion is a site that is allows people to actually get paid for trying offers from advertisers such as surveys, free trials and credit cards. Fusion Cash actually gives you $5.00 bonus just for signing up.  Sounds great right? Think of it as an online focus group. Advertisers are interested in you, the consumer, and they are willing to pay for your opinion or use of their product. I know I know we are trained to think if something sounds to good to be true, than it probably is. Well sometimes the stars and the universe align to make some dreams come true lol. Honestly folks, there are good work from home opportunities out there. The problem is there are so many scams, it is hard for the legit opportunities to shine through. The best thing you can do is educate yourself, so you are not on the " I just got scammed list".                       Lets get down to the nitty gritty.

How it Works

Advertisers pay sites like Fusion Cash to find people who are interested in trying new products or services. Fusion Cash will promote these new products or services on their website, in the hopes that you, the educated consumer will try their offer. They understand that the market is competitive so they share the profits they receive from the advertiser by giving you cold hard money money money!! Sounds like a win win to me… I try something for free and I get paid too??? Ok now that you are excited lets talk about the actual offers.

The Free Stuff

These offers are pretty easy to do and require very minimal work on you part. Usually companies just want you to register with their site by submitting your name, address, and email address. These offers can be surveys, newsletter, forums, or just registering to a new site. Please enter valid information, because if you don't you will not get paid!! Fusion Cash will wait at least 30 days before they payout, until they know the information they received is valid. So don't try to scam, because it is not worth the time you take to enter invalid information.

The payout for these offers can range from $0.05 to $5.00. One completed offer might not give you much return, but think about you doing 20 to 30 offers for a month, that can be over $100!!! This is not bad at all for giving your information or trying new offers. The best part you can make this money sitting on your couch at home.
This is by far the easiest way to make money, especially if you are a newbie and are skeptical about participating with these programs.. Try it out since it won't cost you anything to do it!!

"Risk Free" Offers

These offers are the most profitable ways to earn income with a Get Paid to Try (GPT) site. The pay out for these type of offers are a lot more lucrative than the freebies discussed above. Commission can range from $5.00-$100.00 dollars. That being said these offers also can also cause the most complaints of scams for sites like Fusion Cash. Have you ever heard of company slogans that say "Try us for the next 30 days for free"? Sounds great! The key word here is 30 days!!! These offers are true, but if you go over the 30 days free isn't so free. With Risk Free offers you register for a product or service for a period of time, but after that time is up the company will charge your credit card to continue to be a member. So as long as you don't go over the time frame your free offer is free. Read the terms and conditions of each advertiser they can vary and you want to make sure you know what you are signing up for.

Be honest when you are registering for these offers. If you think you are going to sign up one day, cancel the next and get paid think again. Be fair to the advertiser and actually use the product or service they are advertising. I would say give the offer at least half the time alotted for the trial period. This way you have a good knowledge of the product and you can cancel well before the trial period ends.


Free to Start- I did not have to pay any fee to join Fusion Cash. Plus I got a $5.00 bonus to start.

Pay- I can attest myself that I have gotten paid numerous times with Fusion Cash. They pay out consistently and on time. It has not been thousands of dollars, but it has been enough to knock out a bill or two. Any bit in this economy can definitely help right?!!!

Whois – Fusion Cash can be found on the Whois domain, which means the company is not trying to be shady, because their information is public. This is a good thing for any site! 

BBB– They are listed with the Better Business Bureau. This is always a good thing! Check out the report for youself. BBB Report



Limited Offers- Some have complained that Fusion Cash have limited offers. There isn't that much as far as variety for offers. This is not an issue just limited to Fusion Cash a lot of other GPT sites experience the same thing.

Expiration Dates- Some have complained that even though they were doing offers and get credit in their account, their account earnings expired or removed if they did not log in for a long period of time. Make sure you stay active so you can reap the benefits of your hard work.

Spam– When filling out offers, companies are collecting your information in the hopes you will try or buy on of their products or services in the future. As a result you can get bombarded with spam emails. I would suggest creating an email that you can use specifically for these offers, that way when you do get unwanted mail it won't be such a big deal.

Technical Issues –  Sometimes people have complained they didn't get paid for the offers they did. Usually this is because they have an old system or browser. Your cookies may be turned off or your antivirus or spyware software may be affecting the tracking. Or you have some other ad serving software that may be affecting the tracking. In either case this is probably the reason you're offers aren't being tracked. So you may want to try to do some free offers first to test that your system is up to snuff. If you see you don't get credit and have followed the rules then it might be your system in which case email Fusion Cash to see if they can determine what may be causing the issue on your end. 

So does Fusion Cash really work?

Listen guys we don't live in a perfect world, where everything comes easy. When making money online the best thing you can do is educate your self in what you are getting into. There are good sites that exist that can help you earn extra income. They aren't perfect, but there are some that are pretty decent. I think Fusion Cash is one of them! So try your luck it might turn out to be a good opportunity for you.


How Do I sign Up?

Well if you like what you've read, You can sign up for free by clicking here: Fusion Cash